Protect yourself against theft and burglary

A burglary happens every 15.4 seconds in the U.S.  By approaching your home from the offender’s point of view, you can reduce your chances of being a target.  Security systems can be expensive, but there are affordable options for prevention.

First, take a look at your home and find the vulnerable entries ,  Here are some tips to help protect yourself:

  • Leave your lights on when you are gone to make it look occupied (maybe use a timer on your lamps).
  • Lock all doors and windows – deadbolts on all outside doors.
  • Don’t let the mail pile up if you are going to be gone for a length of time.  Ask a friend/family or even a neighbor to pick it up or stop delivery through the post office.
  • Have special locks on sliding glass doors as this is one of the easiest entries for a burglar.
  • Don’t tempt a thief – store lawn equipment, barbeques, bikes, etc.
  • Have curtains on your garage and basement windows.
  • Never leave notes on your door (i.e. gone to the store).
  • Do not keep your home safe in the master bedroom or closet (first place they look).
  • Motion sensitive lights for your backyard.
  • Homes are most broken into in July and August.
  • Get to know your neighbors and possibly set up a neighborhood watch.

If you come home and notice your house has been broken into, do NOT go in.  The burglar could still be in there.  Call the police and if you are able to go into the house do not touch anything until allowed by the police.

Always lock your doors and windows and make sure they are functioning well. 

Homeowners insurance provides theft coverage up to a certain limit.  Special contents such as guns, jewelry, and antiques may require coverage above your current limits.  This extra coverage can be added to your policy.  Consult Miller Insurance  today to go over your coverages to make sure you have the protection you want and need.