Putting Your “Summer Toys” Away For The Season

As we are making the most of our last few days of summer, we now need to start planning for winter storage of our “summer toys”.

Whether it is an RV, boat, motorcycle, or trailer, below are a few tips to help you get ready for winter to make sure they are stored securely.

  1. Clean both the inside and outside while it is still pleasant temperatures outside.  Waxing can help prevent any rusting.  Buying a cover is something else to consider.
  2. For boats and RVs, make sure to remove all water from the engine of your boat and water from your RVs plumbing.  Use anti-freeze to help prevent cracking and freezing.  Check your manual for details.
  3. Place a block of wood under the trailer jack to raise the bow.  This will help rainwater and melting snow drain out.
  4. Disconnect and remove the battery and store in a dry and cool place.  Recharging the battery regularly over the winter can help ensure it will hold a charge.
  5. Add a fuel stabilizer to your gas tank to avoid old fuel from damaging your motor.
  6. Take care of any repairs or maintenance so you will be ready to enjoy the next season as soon as the weather permits.

Insure your summer vehicles during the off-season.  Even though they are not in use during the off-season, it is important to have coverage year-round.  While they are in storage or even at your home anything can happen.  Having the appropriate coverage ensures you are protected from things like fire, wind, or theft.  Most storage facilities do not carry liability insurance that protects your items from direct damage caused to your property as a result of damage to the facility.  You should discuss this with your agent to see if you have coverage or need to add coverage.

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