Are your guns and jewelry covered?

 Does your homeowner’s insurance policy protect your guns and jewelry for loss by theft?

Home insurance and renters insurance cover personal belongings, including guns and jewelry, but you might need to purchase additional coverage to get full protection.

A typical homeowners or renters insurance policy has individual limits on certain types of valuable and hard-to-replace items, including jewelry, furs, antiques, electronics, and, yes, guns.

Keep in mind that coverage for guns varies from company to company and it is always wise to contact Miller Insurance to be certain of what your policy actually covers.

Jewelry coverage also varies from company to company.  Our agency recommends that you schedule your jewelry on your homeowners’ policy or a separate personal articles policy. By doing so you are not subject to your standard homeowners’ deductible and coverage is typically broader for the specifically listed items.

Check your insurance policy to see what those limits are and whether the coverage is enough to reimburse you for the firearms and jewelry that you own. Remember to give Miller Insurance a call if you ever have any questions about your insurance.