Farm Safety

It’s farming season…..let’s work together to make sure we all stay safe!

The most frequent type of accidents with farm vehicles are rear-end collisions.  When coming up on a farm tractor, combine or other slow-moving farm vehicle, it is easy to misjudge speed.  You may have only a few seconds to react.

For example, if you are driving at 55 mph coming up on a tractor that is only going 15 mph, it only takes five seconds to close a gap the length of a football field, according to the USDA.

Farm vehicles are required to have a slow-moving vehicle sign that is designed to be visible at least 500 feet away, making them easy to recognize.

It may be hard for the farmer to move aside to allow you to pass.  Could have a soft shoulder that is wet or too steep or other reasons preventing them from moving over.

Exercise caution and patience.  Even if you have to slow down to 20 mph and follow a farm vehicle for two miles, it only takes six minutes more of your time. That is the equivalent of waiting for two stoplights.

Let’s have a safe farming season!!